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Photographers in Cooperstown:The Classic Image visits Brewery Ommegang!

Like everyone else, we love to go on vacation and visit some of the places on the tour guide maps. I think it is also important (and fun!) to visit our own local attractions. So when Tiegen and Brad were looking for a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, a suggestion of an Ommegang Brewery Tour was greeted with enthusiasm.
We got there right after a tour went out so we checked out the restaurant and the gift shop and in the interest of making good use of our time, decided to join in the beer tasting first.
On tap

I have to admit it was not our first tour, but the brewery had grown since our last one and it is always really interesting to listen to how the different beers are made.

Belgian Style Ales-It is important to keep all the details under control!(love the line up!)
This tour is a great deal! Filling this taster glass up six times with the different ales and keep the cute glass as a souvenir for $3? One more reason we offer this as an idea for a day trip to our visitors!
 Perfect place for a grill! Doesn’t this look like an invitation to a great party?
A little information from their website on these tanks”The large outdoor CCT’s hold 300 barrels(9500 gallons or 4,00 cases”


After a walk in the Village of Cooperstown, we stopped at one of our favorite lunch places, Doubleday Cafe. These baseball fans from the college in Oneonta were a reminder that there are even more fun things to do in Cooperstown.

And don’t forget to check out the side streets in Cooperstown. After our lunch we walked by StageCoach Lane and noticed that the  Cooperstown Back Alley Grille has added an “Upper Deck” since our last visit. We can’t wait to go back!

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