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Jessica & Jason: A Sagamore Wedding on Lake George

Lake George in itself is an impressive background for wedding photos. But the perfect moment comes when the Lac Du Saint Sacrement is right behind the wedding party!
Starting the day.

 Jessica and Jason


I love this shot of shot of Jason’s arms around Jessica. This is one of my favorite ways to capture the details of a wedding because of how much it captures in one image: the bridal bouquet, the engagement ring, the intricate details of the wedding dress and the finishing touches on both bride and groom. I love it for the way it encompasses all those things and includes the couple — rather than a series of product shots.

Our pre-ceremony photographs included a “first look” – when the bride and groom spend a private moment together before the ceremony.  While not for everyone, pre-ceremony photos allow for an intimate moment together before the action starts – a chance to take a moment out of the day and enjoy the thought that you will soon belong to each other. It makes for great memories — and of course, gorgeous photographs.

The signing of the Ketubah or wedding contract was held in a private meeting room with their witnesses and immediate family. Then a round of good wishes and loving advice was given.


 The next part of the wedding ceremony was held lake side.


Jessica and Jason’s chuppah was built by On Thai of Surroundings that morning. Isn’t it amazing? His floral work always blows me away.

The ring exchange.

Jessica is just so gorgeous. She and Jason were both delightful to work with. With that great smile, you wouldn’t even know how chilly it was!

The candle lights and flowers for the evening reception on Shelving Rock.

The little kitty cake topper was so adorable. The cake was made and decorated by the Sagamore in-house!

Is that really the groom with those amazing dance moves?

So who knew? Turns out Jason and his friends belonged to a break dancing group in college so when they told the DJ they were going to be doing some break dancing, he wasn’t sure if they were pulling his leg. We had discussed it with them earlier so we assured the DJ that there would be some pretty awesome moves on the floor that night.

And this was only the beginning of a night of great dancing!

The horah is always a lot of fun to watch and it looks like our couple is enjoying it too!

See what I mean about these flowers?

Thank you Jessica and Jason for being such a wonderful couple! It was truly a pleasure photographing your wedding.

We wish you much happiness and love,

Tim and Dana

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