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A Wedding at The American Hotel in Sharon Springs NY: Michael + Scott

We first met Michael and Scott at the Victorian Festival in Sharon Springs. We were there along with hundreds of other people enjoying the festivities, taking photos for our own enjoyment and buying Christmas gifts.

Tim took a photo of two gentleman dressed in Victorian garb, texting each other from two feet away with their iPhones. 
We posted it here on the blog and Scott and Michael wrote to say how much they loved it. We saw them again the next year and then again this past winter when we were there photographing children of all ages with Santa to help raise money for Hurricane Relief. 
So when Scott contacted us to photograph their wedding, we felt like we were talking with old friends.

We started out with a nice casual portrait session to let them warm up to the camera (if you can warm up to anything in upstate NY in February!).

We took a walk through town and our couple enjoyed a good laugh with friends Maria and Pete who were busy as bees working on a secret project for Beekman 1802 Mercantileinside the Roseboro Hotel. 
Scott and Michael both look pretty handsome here for a few individual portraits. 

We couldn’t resist setting up a similar photo of these two with the iPhones. 

I asked Scott if he had any thoughts on the iPhone photos, Scott’s responded, “They say communication is key to a good relationship. Not sure if that was meant to include via 140 characters at a time!” It seems to be working pretty well for them!
After our walk around town, we went back to the American Hotel for a little cocktail party. Everyone was having a great time celebrating the anniversary of Scott and Michael’s 22nd year together. They were all in for a fun surprise, though, because instead of just a party, our couple had decided to fully celebrate their love with a wedding.

Scott loves the following photo since “it expresses the evening with a disco ball. Party! Celebration! Event! Not a boring ol wedding…and that was our plan, a party that just happened to have a little matrimony with the salad course!”

Here Doug Plummer, the proprietor of the American Hotel (along with his husband Garth Roberts) helps the guys with their ties.

Their matching cufflinks were darling little llamas from The House of Tiaras  fashioned after a very famous llama with her own twitter feed, Polkaspot!

As an ordained Quaker minister, Doug also performed the wedding ceremony. Talk about a full service establishment! 
A bit overwhelmed with the cheers from the dining room. This is happening! 

And of course, following the vows, they both immediately updated their Facebook statuses.

A quick kiss as Doug signs the marriage certificate.

It’s always fun to try to get all the guests in one photograph.  We had to be quick though, because Tim was standing on a ladder out on Route 10!

As in any wedding we certainly can’t achieve all these wonderful photographs without the contributions of other wedding vendors. As professionals we all work together to create a memorable day for our couples, their guests and their families.  Our good friends Doug Plummer and Garth Roberts who own and run the American Hotel are as much fun in real life as they look in these photos and they can always be counted on to serve fabulous meals.  

The florist for this occasion was Johnstone’s located in Palatine Bridge, NY, and were the florists for my own wedding and many other happy occasions in my life.

At this wedding I was lucky to meet Gail Luna  of Luna Cakes by Design and and see and eat(!) some of his amazing art work. 

The wedding cake — faithful readers know my love of wedding cake — was not only delicious but specifically designed to represent the very first meeting of our couple at a Halloween party in college. One dressed as a sailor (the hat) the other a soldier (the boots). I will admit, I did have a piece and it was delicious! 

 One more portrait of our handsome couple! 

Thank you Scott and Michael for being such a wonderful couple! It was truly a pleasure photographing your wedding.

 We wish you much happiness and love,

Tim and Dana

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