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We were so pleased to be able to photograph the commitment ceremony of Caitlin and Todd in Utica NY. They came in to our studio earlier this summer for an engagement session and as we listened to their plans for their special day we knew we would be sure to get a sweet romantic image with the train and tracks to help illustrate their love story.

Train Lovers

The Train Station in Utica was a perfect spot for these two. Todd is a train aficionado and the train was their transportation as they visited each other during the beginnings of their courtship.

Father Daughter Processional

Lots of cell phones capturing this great moment of Caitlin walking up the aisle with her dad. Everyone wants to bring home their own special memory.

Utica Train Station

The ceremony and reception were held in this great little restaurant  which is part of Union Train Station in Utica. The Track Side Restaurant has it’s own entrance on the west side. I will definitely have to come back someday when I’m not working for lunch or dinner. And maybe a drink at their awesome bar.

Cape Cod decor

A great way to add in their love of the Cape with the shells and starfish for decor.

pastel cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes

 Faithful followers of our blog know of my obsession with wedding cakes. Add to that now my obsession with wedding cupcakes with this amazing cake tower from Butter Creams Bakery. Not just beautiful. Delicious! (I had that pretty yellow one with the lemon slice on the second shelf)

You love your pets. They can be your best friend, your confidant, your excercise companion. They love you right back, unconditionally. We know the big part they play in your lives and some of our favorite photos have been the ones we have taken of people with their pets. This post will feature some of the dogs who have come in with their people and you can see why they have become their favorite photos too.

Outdoor photo with pets

Outdoor photo with pets

This photo was taken in the local park with a high school senior girl. Everyone loves portraits in the park and this park features a gorgeous fountain that we use as a background.

Holly and her pups

Holly and her pups

This indoor portrait taken with Holly and two of her 4 dogs took a while to get just right but it was well worth the effort. Just look at these good pups looking right into the camera. Holly looks pretty cute too.

boy and best friend

Ray and his best friend

This old hound dog was really well behaved and well loved too. I love how nice his coat looks with that background.


Golden girls

Golden girls

These are both pretty young to be termed “golden girls” in the sense of age, but their golden locks is where we got the name for this image. Puppies can be tough to get a good photo of because they just want to play and chew. But puppies, like people,  are only this age for a little while so it’s nice to get a great photo of them.

Little guy and his puppy dog

Little guy and his puppy dog

Like this little guy and his puppy. With those two sets of big brown eyes, how could you resist anything they ask of you?

Dachshund and MB

Dachshund and MB

We had a little doxie when our kids were growing up and boy could she get in trouble. She was fiercely loyal and a great companion and we sure miss her now that she’s gone. So we understand if you ask us. Can we have a photo with our dog? You bet! Give us a call to make an appointment today! 518 993 4199


Congratulations to our Senior of the week, Jace! Each week we will feature one of our seniors from this year’s upcoming graduation class using one or more of our social media outlets. Jace is an outstanding athlete and student. He came in to our studio and wanted to have our ultimate session. He brought his football uniform and letter jacket for props. He looked really great both in his casual photos and in the formals.

Click here to see a video from Jace’s session

Jace CHS 2016