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Wedding Photographers in Saratoga Springs NY-The Classic Image-Tim and Dana Shaffer

Dave and Omayra had a beautiful day for their wedding in Saratoga Springs last October. When this delightful couple came to meet with us we talked about all the things that were important to them about their relationship and their wedding and how they would like to to see it captured in their wedding photographs. Their love for each other was obvious at first meeting and as we talked it became evident that they also shared a great love of family and that God was a big part of their lives. David was a dad to an adorable little boy and girl and Omayra had a beautiful sweet daughter.  They were a lot of fun and so full of enthusiasm and energy that we were really excited to be able to spend this very special day with them.

 One more thing Omayra mentioned was her love of bright beautiful colors which she planned to incorporate into all of her wedding details.

Love this little man! What tuxedo company wouldn’t want him for a model!

Omayra got this amazing dress from Yvonne’s bridal .

A last minute tete-a-tete for mom and her little mini bride.

That moment of anticipation as his bride walks down the aisle

 This is exactly what we are looking for in the groom’s face as he watches his bride come up the aisle. Can’t you just feel the emotions here? Wow!

Omayra’s dad was unable to make the wedding, so to observe that fact and to give a gesture of acknowledgement as to how much she missed him and his importance in her day, she stopped to a put a flower in a chair reserved for him.

A braid signifying the combination of the two families and God. From the three strands  one rope, much stronger than any of the three combined.

The children helped with the braiding to signify their contribution in the making of the new family.

Dave’s first thought was to thank the children for their help in making the ceremony so beautiful.

The braided rope.

The new family.

Omayra and Dave

Bold, beautiful, vibrant and colorful.

Tim and I both have different ring shot preferences. I love the clasped hands with the dress as the backdrop for the rings.

One of our favorite images from the day.

Tim’s classic ring shot with the flowers as a backdrop.  So pretty!

I love this image of the new family on their way to their receptions. Wonderful example of photojournalism.

This fabulous cake was made by Omayra’s maid of honor. And even though it looks as if it were too perfect to eat, it was every bit as delicious as it looks.

A few detail shots from the reception.

So many perfect details.

The favors were so awesome. Chocolate covered cakes. Each with a story and a meaning.

The best part of this wedding was the awesome dancing. Omayra even had a special cocktail dress made for the first dance.

Dave is an athlete, but his sport is running. Omayra is a dancer and her Salsa dancing is phenonemal.

Dave  took lessons so that he and Omayra could pull off some of the fantastic wedding dancing.

How was that for a first dance!

For those of you who want more of this warm color palette and fabulous dancing, watch the video.
Congratulations Omayra and Dave! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us.
Tim and Dana

For those planning a wedding: 
To make your life a little easier during such an overwhelming and exciting time, I have asked some of The Classic Image Studio’s friends in the wedding world to share their advice and knowledge in their area of expertise with you.
These guest bloggers will explain their role in a wedding, what to look for when hiring a vendor in their field, and why it is important to have someone who offers their services for your wedding – anything they feel is important or that they are passionate about. 
I already have a list of people who are excited to help out with this project, including florists, DJ’s, and wedding planners, video artists and formal wear experts. I hope to make this a weekly event! 
Please contact me if there is a wedding vendor or expert that you would like to hear from – I would be happy to contact them to ask them to participate. 
If you are yourself a vendor or expert and wish to be a guest blogger, please let me know.
I hope you all look forward to our first guest blogger appearance next week!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Schenectady Gazette’s Saratoga-Capital Region’s Bridal Show Extravaganza! It’s right around the corner Sunday January 26, 2014 from 11-3. This show features the area’s premiere wedding vendors including Caterers, Florists, Photographers, Entertainment, Dress Shops, Tux Shops, Salons, Decor and Rentals, Venues, Registry locations, Cake Shops and more.

Need directions?

The Hall of Springs is located at 108 Avenue of the Pines in Saratoga Springs NY

Thinking about having us photograph your wedding? Ask about our special gift for couples who retain our services on the day of the show.
This is the show to be at! Don’t miss the chance to meet all the local wedding talent! And of course stop by and say hi to us (Tim and Dana Shaffer) at The Classic Image booth. Check back here and on our Facebook page after the show for some photos from the day.  (Photos from last year’s show here.)

Wedding photographers in upstate New York have most of their bookings from May through October. We ¬†find that October is always one of our busiest months. It is a great time here. Erica and Dave’s wedding was on the 7th. The leaves had just started to change but the grounds in front of the Castle were still beautiful and green.

Beardslee’s Castle in Little Falls NY is a perfect place for a fall wedding. The reception room shown here in midday is completely white with a lot of windows looking out on to the grounds.

The bride and groom’s champagne glasses with bittersweet wrapped around a grapevine pumpkin.

At each table setting was a chocolate pumpkin with a note indicating the bride and groom had made a donation to the humane society in lieu of favors. I love the shadow from the star decor on the note.

This image reminds me of an old time photo illustration or a Norman Rockwell print. The room is full of activity as the bridesmaids are all busy getting the bride ready. I love how their little boy is standing on his tip toes in his diaper and socks with his hands clasped behind his back looking at his mother and himself in the mirror. It is such a wonderfully precious moment in time.

This next image has the same “moment in time” feel about it. They both illustrate a mood that can only be captured by allowing people to go about their day without orchestrating the event. When people ask for photojournalism style photography this is what we envision.

This next photo, while not strictly posed is certainly not photojournalism. In this instance, we suggested to the bride that she look out on to the garden where she would be getting married. Isn’t this a perfect window for this classic style image? Shown in black and white we see the leading lines of the shadow from the window bringing us to the bride and then the design in the rug as it repeats and echos the design of the folds in her dress.

A classic posed image here of our bride using just the natural light in the room, with a reflector to pick up the highlights in those beautiful blue eyes. Wow!

This photo of the groom is a must for every wedding:

After the couple walked back down the aisle , Dave hugged his son in this very loving embrace. We asked Erica and Dave to let us know some of the photos that they liked the most and this was one that Erica really loved. This wedding was about celebrating their love for each other but was also obviously a celebration of love for that little guy too.

Erica and Dave. Congratulations!

These photos are a lot of fun to do on a wedding day. A photo of the ladies with the groom and the bride with the groomsmen.

We like to make sure we allow enough time to get some really romantic photographs of our couples, giving them some images that will look great as a piece of art on their wall.

This was another favorite of ¬†Erica and Dave’s. Their entrance to the reception as announced by Pat Flander of Top Notch Entertainment.

Erica and her dad.

Wearing a tux all day sure can wear a fellow out! That and teaching the old folks all the newest dance moves!

The candle light on the table decorations was so pretty! Carving table numbers into the pumpkins was a great idea for this October wedding.

At the end of the night we find out who has been teaching the little guy to stick his finger in the frosting.

It’s hard to believe it’s only 4 weeks until Christmas. The temperature has been in the 50’s and even hit 60 the other day. There is no snow so we have still been riding our bikes and even made a trip to Moss Island for a photo safari. But you can’t fool the kids- they know what time of year it is.
And so does Santa. This is his busy season. And while he has a lot of work to do making sure his sleigh is packed full of goodies for good little boys and girls, he still has his P.R. work to do. You know, make an appearance here and there, listen to wish lists and have his photo taken with little kids. Kind of like a politician but with a different agenda.
Anyway, we have been asked to take photos of him at the Victorian Holiday Celebration in Sharon Springs next Saturday (December 3)
If you get a chance, stop by the Roseboro Hotel and say hello. Have your portrait taken with the celebrity of the season. Drop off your wish list with him and help our friends at the Schoharie County Community Action Group. We will be donating the proceeds to help them make the holidays a little brighter for those who are still in need due to the devastating floods resulting from Hurricane Irene. After all it’s only 4 weeks til’ Christmas. Believe it!
Photos from last year’s Victorian Holiday here.