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Guest Blogger Thursday: Videographers

This Thursday’s guest blogger is Videographer Lance Wheeler. You might have seen Lance at a wedding or covering news for Channel 6. I’ll apologize in advance for his pun:

You can take this to the bank.  A close professional relationship between your photographer and videographer is essential to the success of your wedding day and to the great images and video you expect.  
 The first question I ask a bride is “Who’s your photographer?”  When the response is “my brother-in-laws’ cousin is “into photography” and he’s giving us our pictures as a gift”…..I shutter.   This wedding stuff is complicated, challenging and you deserve a competent, experienced person behind the camera period.  Do your research.  Get the names and numbers of his last 5 brides.  Call them and get the scoop
    Experienced “team” players know the ropes.  They know about the challenges of lousy light, shifting weather conditions, the crazy uncle,  and the uncooperative mother-in-law.   This is a wedding.  You don’t get a second chance to get the shots.
    Besides having great technical skills, most of us get additional training via professional organizations and attend seminars to improve our craft.  Technology moves quickly and experienced photographers and videographers must keep up on technology, trends and tools. 
Your team of photographers and videographers don’t compete against each other, but work together to make your wedding day “the best”.
     We get it.
The Knot  “Best”  2010 and 2011
“Your Wedding DVD in a Week”

Thanks for your contribution to our guest blogger series Lance! It’s always a pleasure working with you. Tim and Dana
For more of this wedding that we shot with Lance go here.  For another click here.
And to see a photo of Lance at the Hall of Springs Wedding Show  

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