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Travis and Valleri Wedding at Riverstone Manor

Wedding Photographers in Scotia NY: The Classic Image: Tim and Dana Shaffer
Going back through some of the weddings we photographed last year reminded me of how magical photography can be.
The images of Travis and Valleri’s wedding were no exception. I was instantly transported back to this July wedding with all the pinks and greens of summer, the lush foliage along the river, and the warmth of this couple and their family.

Travis and Valleri were married at The First Reformed Church in Scotia NY. The large arched windows of the church allow the light to pour in and reflect off the white walls and pews.
The white walls of the church heighten the bright glow of happiness and excitement on Valleri’s face as she walks up the aisle with her dad.

The kiss!

The photo above is a favorite image of mine. With two photographers, we can get this shot and still be ready for the “other kiss” – the spontaneous kiss the couple share after they have again walked down the aisle, this time together:

One of the signs of a newly married man – checking out the feel of the band on his ring finger!

Another sign: that great big happy smile!

A triptych showcases all the little details that went into Valerie’s wedding day style.

A close up shot of Valleri’s hands shows off her ring and the intricacies of her dress, as well as her gorgeous pink rose bouquet. The pink on white and pink on black color theme was carried throughout the details of their wedding.

This cake was made by Villa Italia in Schenectady. Regular readers of our blog know my obsession with wedding cakes. And eight months after the wedding, the photos remind me not only how beautiful the cake was… but also how delicious it tasted.

Riverstone Manor in Glenville NY is really great for photographs, with its stone walls, brick patios, stately centuries old shade trees and meticulously manicured grounds that gently roll down to the banks of the Mohawk River.

Valleri and Travis head in to their reception and make a striking black and white contrast to that green summer lawn.

More of that great black, white and pink! July in New York is known for its changeable weather, and it did start to sprinkle while we were photographing some of the groups. The ladies in the bridal party were good sports and used their bouquets to protect their hair until it stopped.

The overcast skies did make for good shooting, though! We took advantage of the nice even light to get some of these wonderful couples portraits. The pergola on the river is used for the outdoor ceremonies held here but also provides a background along with the river.

Here the bride peers through the intricately detailed train of her dress as her bridesmaids and mom help to bustle it (one of my favorite photographs of the night).

Once her dress was bustled, Valeri hit the dance floor.

A dip and a kiss at the end of the first dance. It’s great to see the bride and groom surrounded by everyone who loves them to watch their first dance.

The rest of the evening was full of fun and laughter.

All the ladies turn in their keys now that Travis is a married man!

And I think everyone was pretty happy about who caught the bouquet.

I can’t sign off without one more shot of the happy couple enjoying those July greens – and each other.

Congratulations Travis and Valleri!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us.
Tim and Dana

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