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Real Country Chic: Carrie and Matt’s Engagement Session

We’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging these last few months but our latest engagement session has inspired me to get back into the storytelling aspect of our photography. I have always loved to build a picture with words and Tim has been telling stories with images since he picked up his first camera.

Carrie and Matt were originally going to have us photograph their 12-12-12 wedding, but when they came in to see us, Carrie mentioned that she might like to have an engagement session done at their home with their two horses and dog.  She wanted to “show that part of our story too.” So here they are, the whole family: Carrie leading Luke, and Matt with Eddie and the dog Mary Jane.

The image above was taken on the way back to the barn after the more posed-type images.  We work to create photographs at engagement (and other portrait sessions) that couples can hang on their walls as an art piece–something beautiful and timeless–just as we do for wedding photos.

We all love the posed family photos too. This was a difficult shoot with two people, two high spirited horses and a dog — you can’t always tell an animal exactly what you want them to do. They (and their people) have to be guided, sometimes nudged a little… and you have to get their attention.  All of them.  At once.

 And when they are all ready, in place, and happy, we have to be ready too. Okay on three…

Thanks for having us photograph this part of your story too, Matt and Carrie. And a big thanks to Luke and Eddie for paying attention! And Mary Jane? Extra cookies for that good girl.

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